As today’s communications capabilities accelerate exponentially. . . the expectations and for satellite based variants has never been higher. However, space technology is restricted by its high cost, inaccessibility, and harsh environment. Until now, the philosophy has centered around inertia for more complex higher performance capabilities in-orbit. But at Detraxi, we believe the timing and environment are ripe for a new countercultural approach to the more aptly termed space-enabled communications.

A counterculture that shifts the brunt and burden of heavy lifting in space down to Earth. This will
fundamentally change the DNA of an industry massively entrenched in rigid bespoke hardware to one
that is nimbly footed within the software domain. One that is ultimately powered by a new tour de force. . . the cloud computing revolution.

To remove the shackles of a hardcoded RF infrastructure, a new architecture is required that enables the transformation to a fully software-defined domain. To achieve this, we take advantage of the power, flexibility and scalability of the cloud computing revolution and combine this with a virtualized satcom ecosystem. A software defined domain enables uniform protocols at the satellite layer, and allows for open architecture at the far end, opposite that of closed  ‘Big Metal’ ground segment manufacturers. The last generation of open source IT has proven that this approach breaks open the barriers of innovation.