The United States Government and DoD share many similar requirements with the Commercial business segments, when it comes to satellite communications, those primarily of unit cost, availability, and flexibility.

Detraxi incorporates a patented architecture that results in a true softwarization of the gateway to spacecraft segment, enabling an environment that can deliver the government’s requirement (and more) through the enablement of digitized capabilities.


Detraxi will deliver and enhance the DoD’s requirements for:


  • Counter Measure Capable Communications - via a virtualized on-the-fly air interface

  • Adaptable Communications – via Beam/Bandwidth/Carrier and Frequency dynamic re-configuration

  • Situational Analysis – via RF digitization = analyzed, modified, and manipulated in real-time

  • Security – via cloud enabled dynamic security systems tied to the real-time dynamic air interface

  • Management and Operational Support – via bespoke or 3rd party cloud solutions

  • Software Defined User Terminal – accompanied by the required software defined gateway

  • And finally, integration with the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, known as JEDI

The flexibility of the virtualized Detraxi Satcoms architecture, will enable a range of other government
non-defense related missions. With a resource capability structured to shift quickly: